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Chemical Peel for the Feet
The chemical peel is a painless procedure performed by Dr. Brenner in the office that takes less than 2 minutes. It is used to treat athletes foot, dry cracked heels and foot odor. Dr. Brenner's peel will leave your feet baby soft and free of calluses.

Dr. Brenner on The Dr.Oz Show. 
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Picture of Chemical Foot Peel
at 8 days.

Dr. Brenner's Chemical Peel was Featured in BSJ!

NYC podiatrist Dr. Hillary Brenner shares her secrets on getting your summer weary feet back in shape for fall.

"Dr. Hillary Brenner can also perform a chemical peel at her New York City office which will leave your feet baby soft and free of calluses. The chemical peel is pain free and takes less than 2 minutes." 
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Keryflex Nail Restoration System

Dr. Brenner can change the appearance of toe nails affected by fungus, nail dystrophies and trauma by using the Keryflex nail restoration system. 
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